…can we just be Broken Together?

Christ’s Atonement–Solving the Puzzle

The statistics are shocking…One in ten Americans is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. And even more shocking is that only one in one hundred addicts will ever attain full life-long sobriety! I am living proof that even among members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, substance abuse and addiction is a VERY SEROUS problem. Join me now as I attempt to bring a little more public awareness to what has been a very private problem…and offer some solutions to help ALL of us overcome our weaknesses and shortcomings.

Can You See God’s Fingerprints?

Truth IS stranger than fiction. If I’d written a movie script three months ago entitled “The Great Toilet Paper Panic”, Hollywood producers would have rejected my script and said, “GET REAL!” Now suddenly, it IS real. As a recovering alcoholic, I finally realize that not only is gospel learning “home-centered, church-supported”, but ultimately, SO ARE MY RECOVERY EFFORTS! Join me today and discover whether life in recovery is compatible with COVID-19…

The Labels That We Wear

“I’ll never do it again”, we say…and then we do it.
“Now I really mean it! I’ll NEVER do it again”…and then we do it.
“This has got to stop…REALLY…I’ll never do it again”…and then we do it.
This has been the story of my life.

We don’t have to be perfect to approach Christ for his help. Rather, we have to approach Christ NOW for the strength to become perfect.

The Song of the Righteous…

For most of my life, I have enjoyed the life of a professional musician. Almost two years ago, in support of my recovery from alcoholism, I took a bold step. I quit my bar bands, wedding bands, and event bands.

Join me today as I discuss my “glory days” and my quest for a higher glory yet to come as I attempt to define what it means to be a MUSICIAN IN RECOVERY!

Monster on a Leash (Elephants–Pt. 1)

Picture yourself falling from a running elephant…you tumble ten feet to the ground and land in the rocks while moving 15 miles per hour. Now, you’re under the feet of a raging 13,000-pound monster. “That’ll leave a mark!” Addiction recovery is like THAT: terrifying… and necessary.

Today we talk about removing our “devices of control” and (like the Barnum and Bailey elephants) finding freedom… and PEACE!

Sacred Spaces

Many of my LDS “Friends in Recovery” tell me that they have given up on the online/call-in versions of our Addiction Recovery Program meetings because it’s harder to feel the spirit. I had the same experience. Although we were discussing the same lessons and sharing the same testimonies, it just didn’t FEEL the same. I missed the smiles, the handshakes and hugs, and the personal interaction. But most distressing, I wasn’t feeling the same Spirit. Recently, I had an epiphany that made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Join me today as I share this “secret” as we talk about creating our own SACRED SPACES.

Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time…
Damsels in distress–and knights in shining armor. Dismal reality–and rose-colored glasses. Dark days–and happy endings. Today we talk about nursery rhymes and fairy tales. We will meet a real-life Humpty Dumpty who sacrificed his right hand in exchange for his freedom. We’ll start the journey with “I will NEVER find peace” and end with “I am FREE”. Can your fairy tale REALLY end with “…and they lived happily ever after”? Let’s find out!

The Paralysis of Analysis

I’m frantically working on my 1st-year anniversary post (which is, speaking of paralysis, over budget and behind schedule…!!) 😉 Let’s just say–WRITER’S BLOCK SUCKS!

In the mean time, here’s a little “Change of Heart Moment”…a short, sweet look at lessons to be learned when the waters part and we cross through our trials on dry ground! Enjoy.

Cherish the Journey

“…And they all lived happily ever after.” In the depths of my alcoholism, I never thought that this line would EVER describe my life…now or in the life to come. But life in Recovery gives me hope in a happy ending.

To introduce our newer readers to some of our “vintage” posts (that’s SO 10-months ago!!), over the next few weeks I will be sharing a series of short, easy reads, inspired by stories or quotes from my previous posts. Join us now for a “Change of Heart MOMENT”!

Land on Your Feet–or Learn to Fly

Singer/Songwriter Kenny Loggins once said, “…what you learn is that no matter when you jump, you will either land on your feet…or learn to fly”. Today we talk about hang gliding, trust vs. fear, and faith vs. doubt. Join me as we discuss Step 3 of the 12 Steps to Atonement, where we learn about becoming willing to give our will and life over to the care of God and Christ.

Neither Do I Condemn Thee: Go, and Sin No More

My journey with alcoholism taught me about contrasts and extremes…Good and Evil, Sickness and Health, Virtue and Vice, Light and Darkness, Pleasure and Pain. But one contrast brought me back from despair… HOPE. Today we discuss Step #2 in the 12 steps to Atonement, and the HOPE that comes from believing that the power of God can restore you to complete spiritual health.

“I’ll lift you, so you can lift me”

The 12 Steps are NOT just for addicts… they’re for EVERYBODY! Join me as ChangeOfHeart.LIFE expands it’s focus. Today we talk about how the 12 Steps of the LDS Addiction Recovery Program will improve YOUR relationship with the Savior, and will help your efforts to minister to those around you…whether you have addiction problems or not!

What are the 12 steps to recovery?

The LDS Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) is not just 12 steps to addiction recovery…it is much, much more: It is step-by-step instruction on how to partake of the full power of Christ’s Atonement. Taking full advantage of the Atonement is the ultimate goal of EVERY sincere follower of Christ.

A Bishop, a Rabbi and an Imam Walk Into A Bar…

Yeah, I know. It sounds like a bad joke. But really, if a Bishop, a Rabbi and an Imam walked into a bar, what WOULD they talk about? Today we discuss stigma, shame, and pride; diversity and tolerance; Higher Powers and Holy Places; RESCUE, RECOVERY and REDEMPTION. Join me as we answer the question: What will YOUR Higher Power do for you?