…can we just be Broken Together?

Removing the Shackles: Breaking Free of Addiction’s Stronghold

Addiction trained and controlled me, much like a circus elephant is broken then manipulated. But I learned there is always hope for freedom. This is the story of how I escaped addiction’s shackles and got my life back on track after years trapped in its grip.

Today we talk about removing our “devices of control” and (like the Barnum and Bailey elephants) finding freedom… and PEACE!

The Puzzle of Addiction: How the 12 Steps Help Us See Christ’s Atonement

The statistics are shocking…One in ten Americans is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. And even more shocking is that only one in one hundred addicts will ever attain full life-long sobriety! I am living proof that even among members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, substance abuse and addiction is a VERY SEROUS problem. Join me now as I attempt to bring a little more public awareness to what has been a very private problem…and offer some solutions to help ALL of us overcome our weaknesses and shortcomings.

“I’ll lift you, so you can lift me”

The 12 Steps are NOT just for addicts… they’re for EVERYBODY! Join me as ChangeOfHeart.LIFE expands it’s focus. Today we talk about how the 12 Steps of the LDS Addiction Recovery Program will improve YOUR relationship with the Savior, and will help your efforts to minister to those around you…whether you have addiction problems or not!

No Little Thing…

The holidays can be rough, especially when you suffer from addiction, depression, or even if you’re just having a bad hair day! Everybody has “those days” when whatever is wrong with you IS NO LITTLE THING! But cheer up…there IS help and happiness ahead. Join the discussion at Change of Heart!

What are the 12 steps to recovery?

The LDS Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) is not just 12 steps to addiction recovery…it is much, much more: It is step-by-step instruction on how to partake of the full power of Christ’s Atonement. Taking full advantage of the Atonement is the ultimate goal of EVERY sincere follower of Christ.

Serving Others…in the Twilight Zone

Life is strange…even under the best of conditions. Life as an addict (or life WITH an addict) is even stranger. But the strangest things of all happen when an addict learns not to be an addict!

Today we step into the Twilight Zone and discuss the power of serving others during recovery.

Falling off…and Getting Back On

“I misjudged my actions and fell off the horse. A hard crippling fall. The kind of fall that would change me (and my outlook on life) forever. ” They say that it’s not important how many times you fall off, but that you get back on everytime you fall. Join me today as we chat again about Rescue, Recovery, and Redemption.

A Bishop, a Rabbi and an Imam Walk Into A Bar…

Yeah, I know. It sounds like a bad joke. But really, if a Bishop, a Rabbi and an Imam walked into a bar, what WOULD they talk about? Today we discuss stigma, shame, and pride; diversity and tolerance; Higher Powers and Holy Places; RESCUE, RECOVERY and REDEMPTION. Join me as we answer the question: What will YOUR Higher Power do for you?