Sacred Spaces

Many of my LDS “Friends in Recovery” tell me that they have given up on the online/call-in versions of our Addiction Recovery Program meetings because it’s harder to feel the spirit. I had the same experience. Although we were discussing the same lessons and sharing the same testimonies, it just didn’t FEEL the same. I missed the smiles, the handshakes and hugs, and the personal interaction. But most distressing, I wasn’t feeling the same Spirit. Recently, I had an epiphany that made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Join me today as I share this “secret” as we talk about creating our own SACRED SPACES.

The Paralysis of Analysis

I’m frantically working on my 1st-year anniversary post (which is, speaking of paralysis, over budget and behind schedule…!!) 😉 Let’s just say–WRITER’S BLOCK SUCKS!

In the mean time, here’s a little “Change of Heart Moment”…a short, sweet look at lessons to be learned when the waters part and we cross through our trials on dry ground! Enjoy.

Cherish the Journey

“…And they all lived happily ever after.” In the depths of my alcoholism, I never thought that this line would EVER describe my life…now or in the life to come. But life in Recovery gives me hope in a happy ending.

To introduce our newer readers to some of our “vintage” posts (that’s SO 10-months ago!!), over the next few weeks I will be sharing a series of short, easy reads, inspired by stories or quotes from my previous posts. Join us now for a “Change of Heart MOMENT”!